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The Long & Short of Leg-Length Inequality

Introduction Leg-length inequality, also known as lower limb length discrepancy, is a condition in which the length of one of your legs is different from the other (i.e., either shorter or longer). Leg length inequality may be classified as functional (i.e., involving muscles and posture) or anatomical (i.e., involving bone or cartilage abnormalities). Leg-length inequality […]

Backpacks & Kids

In the Vancouver and Evergreen School districts alone, more than 31,000 children are eligible for free or reduced cost meals through the schools. Priority Life Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is part of the Backpack program that fills backpacks with food for kids over the weekends.

Exercise of the Week- Childs Pose

Child’s Pose- Spinal Flexion Difficulty: EASY (consult your chiropractor before doing this or any other exercise.) START: Place a mat on the floor. Position your body as shown in Image #1, with a spine in a neutral position.           EXERCISE: Try to move spine into a fully flexed position. Let hips […]

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are an often helpful way to prevent dehydration and depletion of your body’s carbohydrate reserves during prolonged physical activity, though not all sports drinks are created equal. Many commercial sports drinks contain questionable ingredients that may unfavorably affect your health. It is important to understand the circumstances in which sports drinks can best […]